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A few years ago (2005) I read a piece written by one of our very own D1o fans. I have always remembered it and I have been lucky enough to come across it once again. (Thanks to a certain Mr Goss) I hope everyone will read and listen to what the piece is saying.  Our kids….THESE kids are only in this sport for a very very short time.  And in that short time so much has gone into what happens on the mat in the following weeks.  A High School career can end in seconds as the mat is slapped or as the time ticks down to 0.  I would like to thank Karl Osinski for his very wise words.



Left Out On The Mat

“This weekend, whether you are a AA or AAA fan, you’ll be watching young men who are leaving everything they’ve got out on the mat. And this should be applauded, win or lose. As parents, family members, friends or just fans to let them know we recognize all of the hard work they have put into getting to this point.

You may not agree with a ref’s call, you may think points were awarded when they shouldn’t have been or you may even think the opponent used an illegal move. None of these change the fact that when the ref is raising one wrestler’s hand in victory, both wrestlers are in the middle of the mat being recognized for their effort and accomplishment. Don’t waste that chance to let them know that their hard work is appreciated, that you’re proud of them, that you love them.

Most of these dedicated wrestlers will end their season this weekend. The fortunate fans get one or two more weeks to enjoy. Regardless if it is this week or next, or even the one after that, the unfortunate will see not just seasons end, they’ll see wrestling careers end.

We’ll all see it. We’ll all feel it. But not like the wrestler. We all “know” how hard they have worked, but we’re not the ones who have spent the hours in the wrestling room. The push-ups. The sit-ups. Drills. Twisted knees. Pulled muscles. Broken fingers. Four Christmases in a row without cookies. Fat-free Ranch. Running in wrestling shoes.

All of this will be left out on the mat in an effort to win. All of this effort put forth to accomplish the challenging goals that they have set for themselves. And, in some cases, a wrestlers well-worn shoes will be untied and removed one final time.

Cheer. Don’t boo. Celebrate these kids. Win or lose.”

Posted by: Say Uncle! on 2/25/2005


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