D10 AA and AAA District X Championship Place WinnersFebruary 28, 2016

A great weekend of wrestling and good luck to all the wrestlers who advanced to the NW Regional Tournament!


AA Champions and Place Winners

106 LBS
1st Beau Bayless, (Reynolds) DEC Aarron Gelvin, (Greenville), 7-1
3rd Devan Davis, (Cochranton) DEC Isaac Crowell, (Ft. LeBoeuf), 9-7
5th John Wheeler, (Northwestern) TF Cory Bable, (Grove City), 18-2
113 LBS
1st Abe Guariello, (Ft. LeBoeuf) F Kenyon Andrews, (Maplewood), 5:20
3rd Nick Oosterkamp, (Harborcreek) F Andrew Ischo, (Reynolds), 1:34
5th Derick Uber, (Lakeview) DEF Bryce Knauff, (Greenville)
120 LBS
1st Charles Lenox, (Ft. LeBoeuf) F Tye Varndell, (Cambridge Springs), 0:27
3rd Gage Bayless, (Reynolds) DEF Faris Messai, (Jamestown)
5th Sam Sallot, (Harborcreek) DEC Brayden Knauff, (Greenville), 3-1
126 LBS
1st Cole Matthews, (Reynolds) F Garrett Kopp, (North East), 3:36
3rd Hunter Goodlin, (Jamestown) DEC Jonathan Hammmond, (Corry), 6-1
5th Caiden Mooney, (Northwestern) DEC Owen Clayton, (Lakeview), 7-1
132 LBS
1st Chaise Hauck, (Reynolds) DEC Michael Lineman, (Greenville), 3-1
3rd Mike Doerflinger, (Slippery Rock) DEC Peyton Hearn, (Conneaut), 2-1
5th Dustin Weilacher, (Union City) DEC Brock Salvatore, (Sharpsville), 6-4
138 LBS
1st Jarrette Carter, (Ft. LeBoeuf) DEC Jude Mattocks, (Saegertown), 3-2
3rd Hunter Michaels, (Reynolds) DEC Sam Svetz, (North East), 8-3
5th Dalton Meals, (Grove City) DEC Alex Smith, (Harborcreek), 6-5
145 LBS
1st Seth Hogue, (Reynolds) MD John Mott, (Commodore Perry), 13-2
3rd Chris Hibbler, (Seneca) DEF Adam Ballew, (North East)
5th Dan Simmerman, (Saegertown) DEC Gavin Henry, (Union City), 9-2
152 LBS
1st Nick Monico, (Saegertown) DEC Joshua Christner, (Greenville), 4-2
3rd Giovanni Volpe, (Sharon) DEC Nick Enos, (Sharpsville), 4-2
5th John Sims, (Hickory) DEF Adam Fish, (Seneca)
160 LBS
1st Louis Head, (Eisenhower) DEC Nick McClimans, (Sharon), 3-1
3rd Tyler Burlew, (Corry) DEC Ty Carey, (Franklin), 3-2
5th Joe Galvin, (Iroquois) DEF Austin Mattocks, (Union City)
170 LBS
1st Cody Mulligan, (Saegertown) DEC Joel Leise, (Reynolds), 4-1
3rd Julian Gorring, (Ft. LeBoeuf) DEC Rodger Bone, (Conneaut), 5-0
5th Robbie Thomas, (Hickory) DEF Gavin Wilkerson, (Greenville)
182 LBS
1st Dakota Geer, (Franklin) TF Hunter Cox, (Cambridge Springs)
3rd Dan Kuhn, (Harborcreek) DEC Drew Rose, (Ft. LeBoeuf), 7-2
5th Solomon Daugherty, (Lakeview) DEC Jordan Wilson, (Sharon), 5-2
195 LBS
1st Blake Reynolds, (Greenville) MD Deven Simpson, (Cambridge Springs), 9-1
3rd Chris Mueller, (Sharpsville) DEC Braden Morris, (Conneaut), 5-2
5th Lane Reinwald, (Ft. LeBoeuf) DEC Jarod Miller, (Reynolds), 8-2
220 LBS
1st Gage Gladysz, (Greenville) DEC Bryce Laughlin, (Sharon), 2-1
3rd Cole Rickert, (Reynolds) F Tyler Zebrovious, (Lakeview), 0:31
5th Brandon Kent, (Union City) F Joe Newara, (Harborcreek), 2:37
285 LBS
1st Gene Ringer, (Reynolds) DEC Jared Miley, (Hickory), 2-1
3rd Zach Stafford, (Cambridge Springs) F Jeffery Kraemer, (North East), 3:00
5th Jacob Hanson, (Northwestern) DEC Nick Lalleman, (Franklin), 5-1

AAA Champions and Place Winners

  1. 106 LBS
    1st Jeffery Boyd, (McDowell) DEC Hunter Thompson, (Titusville), 6-5
    3rd Brady Sittinger, (Prep) M FOR Andrew Brest, (General McLane)
    113 LBS
    1st Tyler Mckinney, (Prep) MD Jacob Fankhouser, (Warren), 9-1
    3rd Chris Wig, (Titusville) DEC Jawon Carr, (East), 6-5
    120 LBS
    1st Brandon Sauers, (Prep) DEC Leno Ciotti, (McDowell), 5-2
    3rd Brad Motter, (General McLane) DEC Bailey Winslow, (Warren), 9-7
    126 LBS
    1st Brett Mallory, (General McLane) F James Johnson, (Titusville), 5:54
    3rd Alex Simos, (McDowell) MD Cameron Myers, (Oil City), 10-0
    132 LBS
    1st TaNauz Gregory, (Prep) DEC Carmen Ciotti, (McDowell), 5-3
    3rd Hunter Wagner, (Titusville) MD Nick Rinella, (Meadville), 13-3
    138 LBS
    1st Carter Starocci, (Prep) F Hunter Hendricks, (General McLane), 2:59
    3rd Deven Abbott, (Strong Vincent) M FOR Jacob Engstrom, (Warren)
    145 LBS
    1st Kyle Luben, (Meadville) DEC Briggs Twitchell, (General McLane), 5-4
    3rd Luciano DeRose, (Titusville) DEC Albert Taylor, (Prep), 3-0
    152 LBS
    1st Dazion Casto, (McDowell) DEC Owen Watkins, (General McLane), 11-6
    3rd Alijandro Linan, (Prep) DEC Brett Cummings, (Warren), 10-4
    160 LBS
    1st Ilyaz Vesylav, (McDowell) DEC Luigi Yates, (Prep), 3-2
    3rd Derek Ridgway, (Meadville) DEC Jordan Motter, (General McLane), 5-4
    170 LBS
    1st Ethan Laird, (General McLane) DEC Ryan Dailey, (McDowell), 5-2
    3rd Parker Harvey, (Titusville) DEC Kyle Carter, (Prep), 6-3
    182 LBS
    1st Jake Paulson, (McDowell) DEC Mike Hughes, (Prep), 13-8
    3rd Riley Vaughn, (General McLane) DEC Jacob Zdarko, (Oil City), 1-0
    195 LBS
    1st Ian Malesiewski, (Prep) MD Derek Reagle, (Warren), 12-2
    3rd Jeff Craig, (Meadville) DEC Michael Kurelowech, (McDowell), 4-2
    220 LBS
    1st Phil Selker, (Prep) DEC Ben Bish, (Meadville), 3-2
    3rd Logan Nosko, (Titusville) DEC Adam Steiner, (General McLane), 4-2
    285 LBS
    1st Kawuan DeBoe, (Prep) F Jacob Lenhardt, (General McLane), 2:45
    3rd Nick Morelli, (Meadville) DEC Andre Gibson, (McDowell), 4-0

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