New Logo….(a bit late yes…. but ready for the season!)December 4, 2015



If you remember from last season I held a small contest for a new D10 wrestling website logo.  I had received a handful of entries and I was thankful for that.  I had also been busy dealing with a few outside distractions and never got to the finalization of the contest and the new design.

What happened with the contest was I handed the designs to a good friend of mine in Pittsburgh and he integrated the designs presented and came up with what you all see here.  I love it.


Now, to address the entries for the contest.  I will be sending each entrant a t-shirt and the iTunes card.  ( I will contact each of you for t-shirt size and address)


Which brings me to another issue with the new logo.  Last seasons contributions to the website were promised a T-shirt with their donation.  I now have a logo for the said t-shirts.  Sooooooo, when I have the new design on the new T’s I will be sending those out as well.  Many of you gave me your contact info with the contribution and I will send those first.  The rest of you will be getting an email to find out your address.  (or size of shirt if not mentioned with the contribution)


Yes, this is all a little late and one of the final “housekeeping” duties of my ADHD past.  :)


thank you all and I am looking forward to the season!  Now let’s go D10!

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