Donations to the D10 Website and ForumDecember 5, 2015

As stated last year I am not a fan of asking for donations, I am just not.  I have also come to realize it is a necessary evil to keep the form and website running and to keep the much discussed and appreciated AA and AAA rankings developed and brought to us by Dan Albaugh and Rob Coleman.  Of course there are hosting fees, site fees and spam filter fees. This community has always come through and made these sites possible. All of you who contributed last season helped defray all the start-up fees and URL fees and allowed me to only need to pony up a few hundred dollars for incidentals.

Now for the new information as to where I would like to spend this years donations. (Since I do not have the $1000 URL(s) to pay for this year)

I am a huge believer in giving back.  There is nothing that is to much or to little as long as you give, and give freely, without the need to be recognized.  I have kicked this around and I have decided to go for it and offer a new idea for the forum and D10 website.

I am introducing a new scholarship that will be awarded to one senior AA and one senior AAA wrestler in District 10.  The winners will be chosen on the following criteria. (In order of importance)

*** Sportsmanship on and off the mat

*** Leadership qualities

*** Community Service

*** Coach’s best paragraph as to why their wrestler is worthy of the award

I am a firm believer that to much emphasis is placed on winning only and making that win percentage the basis of what a great/good wrestler is about.  We read on the forum every year that wrestling teaches us about life and prepares us for the world outside of the sport. I believe that is very very true. I just believe so many of the best representatives of this exact mind set is not shown near enough at the state tournament.  Hence the reason for this award.

I would like to open the amount to each recipient for a $250 award. Depending on the level of donations this season I would love to reward the winners with more than that.

Please consider donating this season and help make this season count more ever before.

You can make donations via PayPal

or by mail:

(make checks payable to joe maher)

Joe Maher // 501 College Ave // Grove City, PA 16127

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